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Nurturing Your Niche

How do you gain traction in a trillion-dollar industry flooded with high-level competition? Cliff Wilson, CEO of The Centric Group, LLC believes narrowing your focus on specialized services is imperative to compete in any industry. “Discovering your niche is key. Learn which sectors of your industry you are most confident in, then familiarize yourself with every aspect of it,” Mr. Wilson says.

Cliff Wilson has a robust background as a professional contractor. After obtaining a degree in electrical engineering, he began his professional career designing natural gas facilities with a local municipality. As he transitioned into commercial contracting, the desire to create his own footprint in the engineering and construction industry began to develop.

He soon launched The Centric Group, LLC, a multi-faceted general contracting firm capable of managing construction projects of all scopes and scales. The culmination of varied experiences over time prepared The Centric Group to skyrocket from being a good idea into a fully realized general contracting powerhouse.

Its biggest challenge as a new company, was how to become an effective contender in relatively larger markets. He contacted Columbia’s MBDA Business Center to help extend his firm’s visibility. Through the resulting partnership with the Center, the firm also enhanced its professional edge, business structure, and operations, setting the stage for advancement to the next phase.

“Columbia’s MBDA Business Center has truly championed my vision, Wilson says. “They’ve given me a deeper understanding of how to better navigate my industry. They also referred Reemerge, a MBDA sponsored program which helps formerly incarcerated persons gain employment opportunities. I’ve hired two of my most dedicated employees through this program.” Wilson has no regrets for hiring second chance citizens, “We can all use a second chance sometimes.”

Building his company alongside insightful supportive individuals has been one of the most rewarding aspects of his partnership with Columbia’s MBDA Business Center, Wilson acknowledges. As a minority business owner, he takes pride in helping others perfect the craft he is passionate about while simultaneously changing lives.

Hard work coupled with genuine support has placed The Centric Group, LLC on a direct path toward exceeding its goals. Within the next five years, this company can anchor itself in a midsized market earning upwards of $10 million annually. Mr. Wilson expresses, “As long as I continue to focus on the details and the back office, we have the ability to not only compete in greater markets, but to dominate.”

The Centric Group’s founder understands that it takes more than a good idea to create a thriving success. It requires a combination of strategic planning, dedicated team members, and a commitment to your niche.

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