“Each year, approximately 10,000 people are released from South Carolina prisons. Research shows that individuals who have employable skills or a job waiting for them are significantly more likely to succeed outside of prison.”

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What is REMERGE?

REEMERGE is a 6-12 month reintegration program that uses employment, coaching, education and entrepreneurship. Program participants receive a curriculum of study in HVAC, industrial electrical, landscaping or carpentry, as well as real work experience, classroom study, and professional coaching. The REEMERGE staff coordinates all job placement and work experience. The work experience will be with a licensed and certified contractor. 

REEMERGE prepares program participants for an entry-level position in HVAC, industrial electrical, landscaping and carpentry; after a year of employment, business training and professional coaching, the participant is then ready to continue with gainful employment within that industry.  

REEMERGE makes no claim or guarantee that the completion of this program will automatically qualify participants for continued employment with their assigned employer.  



  1. Job placement. 

  2. A job that pays a livable wage;

  3. A job in the construction industry or a similar field;

  4. A higher quality of life and versatility of skills;

  5. Credentials (certification or licensure) that are  recognized nationally and often globally; 

  6. The opportunity for college credit and future degrees


  1. Be at least 18 years of age.

  2. Be able to solve mathematical problems at an

    eighth (8th) grade level.

  3. Be able to successfully complete the entrance exam.

  4. Be drug and alcohol free.

  5. Be unemployed or underemployed.

  6. Be able to adhere to a strict attendance policy.

  7. Be able to lift 50 lbs.

  8. Be willing to work outdoors in all types of weather.

  9. Be able attend orientation and Fast Trac© Training sessions.



  1. Skilled workers trained to  industry / employer specifications;

  2. A pipeline for new, skilled workers; 

  3. Reduced turnover; 

  4. Reduced worker compensation costs due to an emphasis on safety training;

  5. Work Opportunity Tax Credits

To further encourage the development of apprenticeship programs, South Carolina provides a Work Opportunity Tax Credit, where employers can take advantage of a 40% tax credit against first-year qualifying wages paid for new hires. 

In addition, as part of the Apprenticeship South Carolina program, employers who create apprenticeships are eligible for SC Apprenticeship Initiative Grants, making them eligible for a $1,000 tax credit per year  for up to four (4) years.



Sheriff Leon Lott, 
Richland County Sheriff’s Department

Rev. Edward H. McDowell, Jr.,
Columbia City Councilman, District II

Representative Leon Howard,
SC House of Representatives

Marjorie Hammock, MSW,
Retired, Chief of Social Work for SCDC 

Gilbert Walker,
Executive Director, Columbia Housing Authority

Vince Ford, 
 Community Health Services

Ron Rhames, Ph.D., 
President of Midlands Technical College

J. Michael Daniels II, 
Manager, SCSEP Programs
Goodwill Industries

Jim Manning, 
Richland County Councilman, District 8

Cliff Wilson, 
President & CEO, The Centric Group, LLC

William Edmonds, 
VP, MB Kahn Construction

Barbara Rackes, 
CEO, The Rackes Group

WJ Milton, 
CEO, W.J. Milton Heating & A/C Company, LLC

Dawn Sloan
Retired, Director of Expungement

5th Judicial Circuit Solicitor’s Office

Jan E. Merling
Retired, Public Health Educator

This project is funded by a grant from
 the U.S. Department of Commerce, 
Minority Business Development Agency


REEMERGE participants will learn

life-long skills that will provide them with new and exciting opportunities allowing them to provide for their families and, equally important, keeping them from returning to prison.”

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Thank you for your interest in the REEMERGE SC program. Please call our office at 803.722.1170 or email us at info@reemergesc.com for more information.

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